AQUAfilling® for buttocks

AQUAfilling® pentru fese

Buttocks and breasts play an important role in shaping the contours of the woman’s body.

The contours of the buttocks, a slight curvature, flow to the waist and hips, defining the contours of the woman’s body.

Complete and clear buttocks are considered beauty standards for most ethnic cultures.

This is the main reason why augmented buttocks have become so popular. Interest in raised buttocks increases worldwide.

Traumatic techniques become small and increasingly popular in the world.

Now, more and more plastic surgeons are handling the use of a lip correction injection with AQUAfilling® Bodyline because AQUAfilling® Bodyline is the best tool for buttock shaping.

Thanks to the high biocompatibility of the soft tissues and the beautiful properties that offer it.

AQUAfilling® Bodyline is an excellent tool to compete with minimally invasive procedures.


Shaping buttocks using AQUAfilling® Bodyline techniques is applied by minimally invasive techniques in the soft tissues of the buttocks, where it occupies the space in the tissue, and in view of its spatial structure, increases the volume parameters of the buttocks.

Thanks to implants with highly adaptable features, this method allows for excellent aesthetic results.

Hydrophilic AQUAfilling® Bodyline is an uncovered implant that provides long-term results.

Due to its unique structure, the injectable implant with AQUAfilling® Bodyline is well tolerated and very safe.

Benefits of injection in AQUAfilling® Bodyline buttock implants

Augmentation of buttocks using AQUAfilling® Bodyline hydrophilic gel is performed three times faster than surgery.

No other method offers significant shape changes in buttocks.

The operation is done so quickly with AQUAfilling® Bodyline to give the patient maximum comfort.

The AQUAfilling® Bodyline implant is the best choice for buttock contours.

AQUAfilling® Bodyline has a high clinical efficacy and high safety in aesthetic plastic surgery of buttocks.

Fesele are an important element of sexual attractiveness, occupying a major place in the beauty concept recognized by most cultures and ethnic groups.

The buttocks play an important role in the posterior shape of the female body, similar to the role of the breasts in the anterior contour. The buttocks projection flows into the sinuous curve created by the waist and hips and helps define the female shape. A full and well-formed bottom is considered a desirable aesthetics in most cultures.

The interest in bodily contours surgery has grown around the world, and the concentration has changed on the buttocks. Therefore, buttock augmentation techniques using fat grafts or gluteal implants have been so popular in different parts of the world, and surgeons are eager to offer this procedure to meet the growing demand for consumption. New methods of mini-invasive procedure in gluteoplasty are becoming increasingly popular in the world.

Lately, interest in augmentation procedures has focused on the use of AQUAfilling® for filling long-term injectable soft tissue.


AQUAfilling® is a new injection of soft tissue injections containing a physiological solution of sodium chloride (98%) and synthetic polyamide (2%). It is a biocompatible hydrogel and, just like a prosthesis or fat graft, adds the volume simply by occupying space in the buttock tissue. Advantages of AQUAfilling® are in its high physiological adaptability due to its 98% physiological filling content; it has a plasticity expressed due to its spatial structure. It is characterized by maintaining good long-term clinical outcomes and by the lowest level of local adverse reactions.


The main reasons why people ask for augmentation of their buttocks are the following: to recover the form lost through aging, to increase attractiveness and to correct some defects. The most common indications for the plastic process are: “thin” buttocks, soft buttocks disproportions, buttock irregularities after different surgical interferences (liposuction) or asymmetry.


Before the butt augmentation procedure, a patient receives local anesthesia in the injection area.

The main point of the aesthetic contouring procedure is the introduction of the AQUAfilling® gel into the buttocks areas according to the accepted anatomical structures. In order to augment the buttocks, AQUAfilling® is injected subfascially and partially into the major gluteus muscle, mainly in the sternum and medial areas of both buttocks using a multi-tunnel technique similar to that used for grafting fats. The bulking filler material is injected through a thin cannula with a smooth peak of 100-250 ml in the symmetrical fields.

To correct any type of irregularities on the buttocks surface, the filler material is injected into the subcutaneous fatty tissue deeply with the G-14 needle in an amount of 50-100 ml in each area to be corrected.


Improving hydrophilic gel butts offers some advantages over other forms of augmentation of the buttocks. The length of AQUAfilling® buttocks is two times shorter compared to buttocks. No other method can cause a dramatic change in the shape of the buttocks so simple and fast and with little discomfort. Injection treatment is generally a less complicated procedure than implant insertion surgery. Although the hydrophilic gel degrades over time, a good proportion of patients still assess their butts as being improved and express satisfaction with the results within 2-3 years of treatment. Possible exclusion criteria for buttock contours can be active skin disease, tumors in the area to be treated, scar tissue, excessive laxity of the skin, anterior liposuction, or other surgical procedures in the area performed less than 6 months.


Although the mini-invasive procedure of buttock rectification is actually done without pain, mild discomfort is resolved within 7 days. Patients are advised to avoid intense activity, including constant pressure in the treated area, for a period of 2 to 3 weeks after the initial treatment. To avoid constant pressure in the injected area, it is recommended that the subjects be careful when standing upright and avoid pressure on the injected areas.


By performing glute recovery procedures for several years, it should be noted that the AQUAfilling® butt contouring technique is very useful for creating well-designed, high-profile normalized buttocks. Our patients are happy with the result of the reformulation of the buttocks, which offers a young and appealing form to a woman’s body.

No serious adverse events related to AQUAfilling® gel are reported.


Filling soft tissues AQUAfilling® is the perfect choice for the aesthetic contour of your buttocks. AQUAfilling® demonstrates the highest clinical and safety efficiency.

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